All About Our Conditioning Complex

All About Our Conditioning Complex

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Up next on our active ingredient deep dive is our special conditioning complex. This is a new ingredient blend we discovered while working on body care and hair care products for a brand incubator. 

For some more background, we were having trouble with our pet shampoo. It was lathering well due to the surfactants (it was important to us that the formula had a luxurious texture and lather) - but one surfactant was causing a bit of dryness. We knew at that point we needed to adjust levels of the surfactants and the hydrating ingredients to get a better balance, but needed something else to really add softness and moisture. 

Britta and I started searching an ingredient database and also consulted our friend who is a cosmetic chemist. He suggested this new ingredient - we immediately got a sample to send to the lab and it ended up being exactly what we needed. 

We do not want to share the trade name of this ingredient - but it has been amazing in this formula. It does so much: 

  • Excellent dry and wet combing ability
  • Adds incredible shine to hair 
  • Gives hair silky, smooth feel 

Of course this ingredient is used at an active level, the level that was tested in hair care for efficacy by the raw material supplier that produces the material. 

Images below from the raw material supplier show on a microscopic level how the hair is smoothed by just this ingredient alone: 

Check out our Pet Shampoo and see for yourself how soft and shiny it makes the coat! 

- Carli 

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